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Our team is here to assist you. We are up to date with the Suriname law and practice needed to advice you in a correct and timely manner. Our team members have  experience in the fields we work in. We are not afraid of trying new things and learning about the business you are in. 

Why Choose Us

You have your own business to take care of and do not want to be concerned with tax and other legal compliance. 

We are here to take the load off your shoulders.

We do not complete tasks, but take responsibility.


Motivated & Happy

Being motivated and happy are  core principles at FiscLe. We have setup a structure at FiscLe that contributes to the motivation and happiness of our people. This is a benefit not only to us, but also for you. 



We have young professionals in house who are driven to succeed together with you.



Your case is not the same as our last case. 

We say what We do
We do what we say and Provide Feedback